• Melanie Hoff, Silver ADDY

  • Shayla McGee, Silver ADDY

  • Laura Obrien, Silver ADDY

  • Kristin Violet, Silver ADDY

  • Melanie Hoff, Silver ADDY

  • Melanie Hoff, Silver ADDY

  • MicKenzie Burns, Silver ADDY

  • Lilia Zgherea, Gold ADDY

  • Simon Hartt, Gold ADDY

  • Patrick Marko, Silver ADDY

  • Michael Stanich, Gold ADDY

  • Shayla McGhee, Silver ADDY

  • Jennifer Fanto, Silver ADDY

What if you are waiting to enter Graphic Design?

You may be waiting to enter the Graphic Design program, or you want to take courses early to lighten the load. when you enter the program. There are courses you can you take while waiting to enter the program in the Fall?

Some courses from the Graphic Design program course outline that may be taken early.

These self-paced software courses.

  • GRDSN 156 Illustrator I
  • GRDSN 158 Photoshop I
  • GRDSN 163 InDesign
  • GRDSN 172 Dreamweaver
  • And, GRDSN 109 History of Graphic Design

Also, 15 credits of Related Instruction courses are required for the AAS degree, and these can be taken at any time.

There are three categories, Human Relations/Leadership, Communications, and Computation. You need one 5-credit course from each group, for a total of 15 credits.

Communications Requirement

  • CMST&101 Introduction to Communication — 5cr
  • CMST 226 Gender Communication — 5cr
  • CMST 227 Intercultural Communication — 5cr
  • ENGL&101 English Composition I — 5cr
  • ENGL 105 Pro/Tech: Basic Writing — 5cr
  • JOURN220 Introduction to News Writing — 5cr
  • JOURN225 Multimedia Journalism — 5cr

Computation Requirement

  • BUS 104 Business Mathematics — 5cr
  • BUS 123 Practical Business Math Applications — 5cr
  • MATH 090 Pre-Algebra — 5cr
  • MATH 093 Algebra I — 5cr
  • MATH 094 Algebra II — 5cr
  • MATH 098 Algebra III — 5cr
  • MATH&107 Math in Society — 5cr

Human Relations/Leadership Requirement

  • CMST&210 Interpersonal Communication — 5cr
  • CMST 226 Gender Communication — 5cr
  • CMST 227 Intercultural Communication — 5cr
  • HS 136 Improving Interpersonal Communication — 5cr
  • HUM 107 Introduction to Cultural Studies — 5cr
  • MMGT 101 Principles of Management — 5cr
  • SOC& 101 Intro to Sociology — 5cr
  • SOC 221 Race and Ethnic Relations — 5cr
  • SOC 230 Sociology of Gender — 5cr

Some things to watch out for...

Looking at the program outline, you’ll notice that the fifth quarter is a 15-credit quarter, including a 5-credit Human Relations / Leadership course. If you took all your related instruction requirements early, you would only have 10 credits in this quarter. This could be a problem for Financial Aid requirements.

The fourth, fifth, and sixth quarters list Area of Emphasis items. These are courses suggested for students who may wish to add skills in a particular specialty. These are suggested but not required.

You should check with a Graphic Design faculty advisor and your financial aid program before selecting Area of Emphasis courses, to make sure they can be funded.

If you plan to complete a full year at SFCC before entering the Graphic Design program, you will soon run out of the courses listed above. You should consider including courses that will fit into the AA degree requirements, or check our articulation agreement with EWU. There are extra liberal arts courses in that package you could complete.

The Graphic Design faculty members are glad to meet with you and help plan your early course choices.

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