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You are a recent graduate of the SFCC Graphic Design program. A design position has been posted on a job board. You have communicated via email, and have sent in a cover letter and resume. The employer has now asked to see some work.

You will need to... 

a) gather your past projects

b) determine which projects to link / upload 

c) determine which digital formats work best (.gif, .jpg., .pdf, .svg) 

d) research costs in developing a personal website:

  • ISP
  • Hosting service
  • Domain name

e) use an html editor to develop an interface design or use an online resource

Online Portfolio Building Sites:

f) upload the final portfolio to a server for review.


The process you will use includes research, idea exploration, and concept development. Using techniques for creative thinking, you will show thumbnails to your instructor.

The instructor will then choose 3 concepts to develop into 3 tight roughs. Once the roughs have been developed, the instructor will then sign off on the 3 roughs. In order to gain a better understanding of the design approach, each rough should be computer generated an inside a browser window.

The final digital files will need to be uploaded to a server for review.

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Design Process

  1. Research online portfolios. Collect samples and assemble a mood board which includes:
    • images/techniques
    • color palette
    • typography choices
  2. Think critically and problem solve.
  3. Create thumbnails meeting the following criteria:
    • show five different concepts
    • create composition variations for each concept
    • are fast and un-detailed
    • are drawn in proportion to the dimensions of the finished piece
    • communicate a minimum of three different creative concepts
    • that show variations of each creative concept
    • show emphasis, balance, unity, rhythm
    • convey composition, sizing and position
    • show general shapes of graphic elements (images, text, etc.)
    • display readable headline type
  4. Submit thumbnails for sign-off on or before the deadline date.
  5. Develop three roughs from the thumbnails selected by your art director that meet the following criteria:

    • drawn in proportion or actual size for final product
    • indicating headline type choice (typeface, case, type style, etc)
    • indicating text size, spacing, leading and shape
    • indicating usage of color and value
    • indicating photographic or illustrative content
    • are computer generated
    • accompanied by printed samples of chosen headline and text type
  6. Submit roughs for sign-off on or before deadline date.
  7. Develop the final design from the selected rough.
  8. Submit final design on or before the deadline date.



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