Cover Design:
SFCC graduation / commencement


You are a soon to be a graduate of the SFCC Graphic Design program. The graduation committee at Spokane Falls Community College has asked that you design a cover for the graduation booklet / graduation ceremonies.

The copy for the Graduation Cover design is as follows:

SFCC Commencement
Reach for the stars

The cover size is 5.5" wide x 8.5" height, CMYK, paper stock (100lb cover weight)
The back cover can also be part of the overall design (spread size = 11"wide x 8.5" height)

Production Notes:
Image Resolution = 300ppi
Printer = National Color Graphics (Bill Burnett)
Paper = 11" X 8.5" with BLEED / Folds in half / 100# cover, coated (front / back cover)
Color = CMYK

Download Logo for back cover.

Add on the back cover:
Design: Firstname_Lastname, SFCC Graphic Design Student

Laura Mincks, CCS Graphic Designer (
Heather Mckenzie, Student Activities (

Working with the art director you will need to create a minimum of 5 concepts. The art director will sign off on three of the thumbnail sketches to create into rough designs. You will then develop 3 tight roughs of the designs, to determine the final design direction.

Examples: 2015 | 2016

Design Process

  1. Research graduation events and ceremonies on-line. Collect samples and assemble a mood board which includes:
    • images/techniques
    • color palette
    • typography choices
  2. Create thumbnails meeting the following criteria:
    • show five different concepts
    • create composition variations for each concept
    • are fast and un-detailed
    • are drawn in proportion to the dimensions of the finished piece
    • communicate a minimum of three different creative concepts
    • that show variations of each creative concept
    • show emphasis, balance, unity, rhythm
    • convey composition, sizing and position
    • show general shapes of graphic elements (images, text, etc.)
    • display readable headline type
  3. Submit thumbnails for design direction on or before the deadline date.
  4. Develop three roughs from the thumbnails selected by your art director that meet the following criteria:

    • drawn in proportion or actual size for final product
    • indicating headline type choice (typeface, case, type style, etc)
    • indicating text size, spacing, leading and shape
    • indicating usage of color and value
    • indicating photographic or illustrative content
    • are computer generated
    • accompanied by printed samples of chosen headline and text type
  5. Submit 3 roughs for design direction on or before deadline date.
  6. Develop the final design from the selected rough.
  7. Submit final design in PDF format on or before the deadline date.


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