• Sharing the experience...

  • Taking a ride on the Seattle Mono Rail

  • Visiting local agencies...

  • Taking in the Portland Saturday Market

  • Creating new friendships!

  • Getting ready to visit Seattle design firms

  • Jane, Paulette, George & Ringo

  • A club trip tradition!

The Graphic Design Club

The SFCC Graphic Design Club is an all-volunteer organization that connects students to the design community.

The club provides events, speakers and resources in the areas of professional development, networking, education, inspiration, and community engagement.

The success of the club is generated through student involvement and participation from the business community.

This year’s club officers are:


President: Patrick Farnworth

Vice President: Pryce Noble

Communicator: TBD

Student Liason: Ashley Bolin

Secretary: Amber Gay

Treasurer: Shelby McNamara

Visual Communication: Lauren Ruckhaber

Historian: Isidro Rojas



President: Sam Williams

Vice President: Connor Woog

Communicator: David McGuire

Student Liason: Ashley Bolin

Secretary: Bella Campos

Treasurer: Derek Delorey

Visual Communication: Vlad Kozlov

Historian: Jullene Sager



President: Tessa Vlaar

Secretary: Christine Wesselius

Treasurer: Sam Pearson

Student Liason: Natasha Monroe



President: Teresa Mendoza-Embrey

Vice President: Jaydra Erchul-Johnson

Secretary: Sarah Surface

Treasurer: Chad Hermann

Historian: Melissa McGillicuddy



President: Jacquelyn Barnes

Vice President: Isabel Heisler

Secretary: Leslie Falkner

Treasurer: Jessie Bart

Historian: Chad Kuntz

Communicator: Ryan French



President: Ryan Green

Vice President: Christian Davenny

Secretary: Tyler Hawotte

Treasurer: Kristine Campos

Communicator: Hailey Zwanzig



President: Catherine Leslie

Vice President: Jenn McCoy

Secretary: Marshall McClean / Morgan Lynch

Treasurer: Lisa Mattson

Communicator: Anna Rowe



President: Melanie Hoff Scott

Vice President: Simon Hartt

Treasurer: Tim Herbert

Historian: Ryan Flannery

Communicator: Laura O'brien


Our students exercise their design and leadership skills by running their own club.
Find them on Facebook @ SFCC Graphic Design Greatness.

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