Coop Experience Presentation
Present information on your internship experience.

Scenario: You have completed (or are near completion of) 99 hours as an intern at place of business in one the field of graphic design.

In order for your collegues to better understand your experience, you will need to develop a presentation explaining your experience.


Step 1: Determine the most important aspects of your internship experience.

Step 2: Determine the most appropriate way to present the material
(Ex: Powerpoint Presentation, Web page(s), Video, PDF, etc.)

Step 3: Determine the best way to show students the environment, people, things you've learned and your overall experience (ie: digital camera, video, etc.)

Step 4: Create a 10 minute presentation...

  • that has information that is well organized
  • speaks directly to what you have learned
  • speaks directly to the equipment used
  • speaks directly about your experience
  • that functions correctly
  • that educates others

Step 5: Create a folder on the server in GRDSN 266 and title it with your last name, firstname and save all of your presentation files to the coop course folder.

Student Examples:

Catherine Leslie (PDF)
Joel Gillespie (PDF)
Lisa Mattson
Stephanie Currer (PDF)

Nate Lewis (Keynote)

Greg Martin (HTML)
Brian Demmerly (HTML)


Revised 1/5/2016

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