Multi-media One

Good stuff list - the list that never ends...

Try out Darius Britt; he is fun and knows what he's doing!

His newer Darious Britt channel; his style is all-nonsense; his content is no-nonsense

The D4Darious tutorials; try out this "Learn Fast" episode.

Vimeo School - we are going to use lots of these, visit often for new things

How to shoot your first interview

Directing 101

Acting 101

This page has framing and composition, 3 tuts:

The StillMotion series is a complete workflow:

Shooting an interview

Other sites...

The ShootOnline; industry news and the latest hot commercial work
They have credits for each video; look for the producton companies who made the spots and look them up to dig a particular style

NewLand and Badland are directors from Sweden/Denmark; very dramatic
For example: or or

Studiobinder: tutorials on production

Passion Pictures is a diverse group; a good place to browse

FilmmakerIQ has great technical and historical tutorials

NoFilmSchool, great resources and a free book. has tutorials and the manuals in Learn and Support.

Video terminlogy. Columbia U.:


Screenplay formatting:

Converting a screenplay to a shot list:

Vimeo’s shot list:

Tarantino’s advice from Gilliam, and Kevin Smith

An analysis of the opening scene to Road Warrior

Matt Rabinowitz on his movie. A look at a low-budget style; see the “cameras used” episode at the bottom to get a look at indie gear.

Basics of Motion Design from Bremen-clean and clear:

7 elements of digital storytelling

John Seely Brown-in Hawaii

JSB at Carnagie, over black

This series from Berkeley KDMC, they are storytelling. The production values are spotty. Can you find room for improvement?

Resources, tuts, examples, showcases:

Dylan’s Like a Rolling Stone compilation of b-squad video gigs

DJI, the Phantom folks-if you love drones

Multi-media reference

The Knight Center at UC Berkeley.

U of Texas, Austin. A clean, basic course.

Stanford's multi-media course.

Zero One: a video blog. Good break-down of process.

From your government; this is a pretty comprehensive guide.

CyberCollege has extensive courses on television production and mass media. This site is very old and shows it. But it's quite good inside.

Eye Con sells video production. They have a good reference area. They have tips for hiring them and organizing projects.

A Few Tutorials


A lovely lighting demonstration,progressively lighting a location set:


Amazon Studios-a marketplace for film projects; some are scripts, or animatics, or sample movies


From Amazon, and another

xtranormal is not really the professional tool; but it is interesting.

Cool storyboards, templates, and advice! He does packaging and branding too!

From Berkeley:

A Stanford storyboard tutorial:


Good tips for shooting videos. A long-form checklist:

Video Copilot, the go-to site for motion graphics

Online Magazines About the Biz

Creative Planet; publishers of five trade magazines. These attract readers with news and tutorial articles. Good articles to help you stay current and see into the future, and all the new gear is featured.
VideoEdge is one of these mags.

The Shoot, news and fun energy

Videomaker magazine

Local Inspiration

This is a list (partial) of the cool folks doing cool work in Spokane

Hamilton Film


Boom Creative

North by Northwest


Sean Finley

Seven2 Interactive


Mitch Davis

Digital Itch

Comrade Studios


Corner Booth

Mojo Labs

Peak Productions


The video making Ad/Branding/PR agencies

Desautel Hege, newly branded as DH

Chapter & Verse


Hanna and Associates



Propaganda Creative

Quinn Group

Market Vision

Out-of-towner Alums:

Ben Hurand

Andy Carlson

Don Baker

A grab-bag of sites

Steven Colbert, How  design can create truthiness:

Patrick Clair is one amazing motion graphics dude!

The Vimeo festival

Camera Red is a big innovator, and they have an inspiring sample reel.

Smashing Magazine article on cool CSS animations
and, the design trends as epidemics:

Boagworld on video presentation to clients:
Presenting design:

A video company explains preproduction

Production checklist

Videomaker magazine


Studio Center preproduction sales pitch
Wikipedia overview of filmmaking

Stanford’s infomercial assignment-university stuff

Plan an educational vid

Pre-production guide

ASU production overview, complete ews

The Creative Planet family of video trade magazines:
The lighting demonstration, building up a location set:
An ed site to watch:

The symbols for “diagramming” interaction and file structure:

EyeCon Video Production, tutorials for production:

Stop motion project with iMovie:

A Berkley talk on design, old but interesting:

Berkely and the Knight Center is good, here is a short lecture.

This American Life: cited by Berkeley's prof. as leader in the new media

Adobe's Learn and Support. Quite useful!

Mighty Dots: motion graphics, big time