Homework Exercise #4 :
Page Layout: Working with modular and baseline grids.

You are a Graphic Designer working for the Inlander. Your Art Director has asked you to create a two page layout for an upcoming article.

Student Examples: 1 | 2 | 3

1. Download the text file. (Note: You do not have to use all of the text. Create what is called a "jumpline" Example: Continued on page 76)

2. Download the photos. (Note: you can use your own also.)

3. After reading page 198 in Thinking with Type. Use InDesign to re-create the layout on page 198-199.

4. Match the grid structure and baseline grid as closely as possible for a 10" width x 12" height
( 20" W x 12" H spread).

5. Place the text and photographs provided onto the document grid and baseline structure.

6. When saving the PDF set the preferences to display the pages two-up...
in order to see the entire spread when presenting your design.

7. Package native files with a PDF and place on the server space provided.




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