Homework Exercise #3 :
Poster Design: Managing large quantities of text.

You are a Graphic Designer working for a local design firm. Your Art Director has asked you to create a Black and White typographic poster design ( 11"W x 17"H ) to post in the office that inspires others and promotes creativity.

1. Download the exercise files to a computer or flash drive.

2. Read over the following articles:

3. Analyze the photoshop baseline grid example, try to incorporate some of the ideas presented into the exercise.

4. Quickly research typographic poster designs for inspiration and generate a minimum of 3 pencil sketches to determine / develop a design layout.

5. Choose a well crafted and well thought out font with many families.

6. Create paragraph and character styles to make global font changes easily.

7. Create a baseline grid, avoid auto leading and set a specific type size and leading to match the baseline grid.

8. Using type only…

  • Design a poster that presents the content in a visually interesting way.
  • Makes the content easy to scan and enjoyable to read.

9. Utilize or modify the grid system provided, apply your design and adhere to the structure.

10. Finally, Package native files with a PDF and place on the server space provided.

Student Examples: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5




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