GRDSN 202: Design Technology IV
Course Syllabus

Instructor: June Roys | 509-533-3425 |


GRDSN 122 or permission of instructor.

Concurrent enrollment:

GRDSN 201 or permission of instructor.

Course Description:

Students explore the production aspects of realistic graphic design projects and the technical issues that develop within their own designs. Students develop production techniques and solutions to various media.

Course Outline

Book: None

Required supplemental materials:
Current Spokane Public Library card (for video tutorials)

Teaching / Learning Strategies:
Activities include but are not limited to:

  • Exercises

  • Projects

  • Guest Speakers

  • Field Trips

Attendance Policy:

Attendance is crucial to your progress and will be taken at the beginning of every class.
The attendance policy is as follows:

3 Credit Course:  More than 6 absences = 0.0
4 Credit Course:  More than 8 absences = 0.0

Two late attendances (tardy) = one absence.

Make-up Policy:

Students need to complete any work missed by the next class period, or by instructor arrangement.

Grading / Evaluation Policy:

Depending on the course, the instructor will supply a point based grading system or a scoring rubric to set “a standard of performance” to communicate the expectations of quality around specific exercises or projects.

In order to receive a grade for the course, all projects and exercises must be completed and received on the server by the end of the quarter. In order to receive a passing grade, at least one project has to meet the final technology due date.

Exercises are due at the deadlines; exercises submitted more than two weeks after the deadline will receive a grade of 0.0

Field trips are mandatory, and count as an exercise grade. Failure to attend field trip is a 0.0 grade.

Some courses are in sequence. If you receive a failing grade in a course, you may have to come back the following year to complete the SFCC Graphic Design A.A.S. degree.

Note: This course syllabus is only for the quarter listed above and the faculty may make appropriate changes. Also, future syllabi for this course may be different.


Revised 09/2019

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