GRDSN 151: Typography and Layout
Course Syllabus

Instructor: Greg Stiles | 509.533.3708 |


GRDSN 101, 102 (or permission of instructor)

Concurrent enrollment:

GRDSN 202 (or permission of instructor).

Course Description:

This course introduces students to the history, nomenclature and practical application of typography. Projects range from simple typographic compositions to complex multi-page documents in print and digital media. In addition to conventional type formatting, students will explore creative solutions using type as expressive visual form.

Book: Thinking with Type by Ellen Lupton (2nd Edition)

• Critique Guidelines

Free Online Font Resources:

Google Fonts
Font Space
Font Squirrel
Da Font
1001 Free Fonts
Urban Fonts


Type Anatomy:

A Visual Guide

Typographic Resources:

Design Observer
Easily Amused
The End Grain
The FontFeed
Fonts In Use
Grain Edit
I Love Typography
jon tangerine
Type Directors Club
typo/graphic posters
We Love Typography
Under Consideration

Teaching / Learning Strategies:
Activities include but are not limited to:

Weekly reading and exercises...

  • Reading Quizzes: Online using Canvas... each worth 5pts.

  • Weekly Exercises: Graded on a "complete" or "incomplete" basis. Collected at the start of class.

    All exercises, mid-term project and final project need to be completed in order to receive a final grade.

Attendance Policy:

Attendance is crucial to your progress and will be taken at the beginning of every class.
The attendance policy is as follows:

3 Credit Course:  More than 6 absences = 0.0

Two late attendances = one absence


Make-up Policy:

For an absence to be excused a student will need to communicate to their instructor via email prior to an absence. Students need to complete any work missed by the next class period, or by instructor arrangement. If the above criteria are not met the absence will be applied to the attendance policy.



Each week there will be a quiz on the assigned reading.
Each quiz = 5 pts.
Total points possible = 50pts

Each week there will be a homework exercise.
Exercises are graded as "complete" or "incomplete" basis.
Students are required to revise each exercise after the critique.
(The original file and the revised file need to be on the server with REV added to the file name.)
All homework exercises need to be completed in order to receive a final grade.

There will be two main projects for the quarter.
The mid-term project = 25pts
The final project = 25 pts
Total points possible = 50pts
An assessment / grading sheet will be provided.

Grading / Evaluation Points: Handout

0 - 20 = 0.0

20 - 30 = 0.5

30 - 40 = 1.0

40 - 50 = 1.5

50 - 60 = 2.0

60 - 70 - 2.5

70 - 80 = 3.0

80 - 90 = 3.5

90 - 100 = 4.0


Note: Some courses are in sequence. If you receive a failing grade in a course, you may have to come back the following year to complete the SFCC Graphic Design A.A.S. degree.

This course syllabus is only for the quarter listed above and the faculty may make appropriate changes. Also, future syllabi for this course may be different.

Campus Safety:
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For Student Conduct Code Information access:

Student Holidays for Reasons of Faith or Conscience (SSB 5173)
SCC/SFCC students are entitled to two days of excused absences per academic year for reasons of faith or conscience or for organized activities conducted under the auspices of a religious organization.  Students’ grades will not be adversely impacted by authorized absences under this policy, although students in courses with required community clinical and /or practicum experiences must fulfill these requirements to meet the licensure requirements of the program. All absences under this policy must be submitted to the Chief Academic Officer in writing at least two weeks prior to the desired absence, containing a precise explanation of how the requested holiday is related to a reason of faith, conscience or an organized activity conducted by a religious organization.  If deemed in alignment with the policy, the student will receive a document with date(s) of the approved absences (must be full days).  The student is solely responsible for ensuring the documentation authorizing the absence is provided to each of the instructors whose classes or assignments are affected by the absence.  The instructor(s) will determine, within two days after receiving the notification, what adjustments, if any, will need to be made for the student to make up assignments or tests missed during the absence(s), and the instructor may require that the student submit the assignment or take the test before or after the regularly scheduled date.  If the student fails to notify the instructor of an authorized absence under this policy, the instructor is not obligated to make accommodations.

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